Use the full extent of FRSystems resources and consultants to maximise your technology investment and accelerate franchise network growth. These dedicated franchise and technology consultants will help you manage the FRSystem and maximise your return on investment.

System Services

We provide existing clients with professional system and technology consultation for your franchise recruitment strategy.

  • Customise any part of the system to align with your process
  • Customise and type of reporting within the system
  • On-going consultation on any new FRSystem features and functionality
  • Customised surveys to benchmark recruitment process effectiveness


We will help you do the right things to manage and utilise the FRSystem more easily and efficiently, increasing your cost per lead to franchise award ratios - all of which will save you money in the long term.

  • Personalised training for new and existing team members
  • Dedicated client manager for all new client implementations
  • Customised training based on your franchise recruitment model
  • Web-based and on-site training available

Creative Design

Employ our creative design team to help you design and develop email marketing campaigns, website landing pages, and static and interactive presentations and documentation.

  • Email trickle campaigns, targeted newsletters, and franchise related communications
  • Design and create multi-page, interactive presentations
  • HTML, audio and video editing services
  • Monthly email 'revive' campaign creation and deployment to historic leads
  • Focused franchise recruitment website design and development

Advertising and Lead Generation Management

We have built up strong relationships with all the major advertising portals in the UK and can advise franchisors on where best to place advertising to generate leads.

  • By consulting us you will gain big advertising discounts
  • We can outline your budgetary requirements based on your objectives
  • We can advise on your target cost-per-lead
  • We can advise on how to set up the perfect advertising profile and message

Franchise Recruitment Consultation

We have one of the most experienced franchise recruitment consultant and coaches in the UK on our board, and he can make time to work with you on anything to do the entire franchise recruitment process.

  • Franchise opportunity positioning
  • Lead generation
  • Lead handling and communication
  • Marketing process and information delivery
  • Meeting strategy
  • Post meeting analysis and feedback
  • Webinar setup and deployment