Our Solution

The FRSystem is a comprehensive total solution helping franchisors, recruiters and business brokers improve their recruitment ratios while helping to reduce costs. Some of the features are listed below.

The System

Manage your franchise lead life cycles through the entire franchise sales process from a new lead coming in, to franchise agreement being signed.

  • Built using the industry-leading CRM platform used by 92,000 companies worldwide
  • Entire solution is cloud-based. No more servers or software. No more upgrade headaches
  • Mobile access anytime from anywhere on any internet device
  • Step-by-step recruitment process, franchise sales and workflow automation

Email Marketing

The power to engage with targeted, personalised messages at the right time.

  • Automated initial email and ongoing email marketing to your leads to help educate them
  • Automated and personalised email marketing and campaign management
  • Separate lead lists for targeted newsletters
  • Carry out powerful time scheduled email marketing campaigns to create a powerful brand image and allow you to differentiate from your competition

Lead and Contact Management

With the FRSystem it's easier to find stronger, longer-lasting franchisees.

  • Automated data entry from your website and 3rd party franchise lead portals (like Franchise Direct)
  • Lead generation and lead origin tracking
  • Eliminate 95% of your usual manual entry relating to lead handling
  • Access all lead information in one online system
  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Capture important lead data at all stages including financial profile and background information
  • Outlook Email/Calendar synchronization and Gmail Integration
  • Track history of all notes and conversations
  • Store all lead or company-specific files and documents
  • Online and built-in lead surveys and questionnaires
  • Contact Management System (CMS) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content and document library and ability to upload all format files
  • Integration with Google Maps to pinpoint leads specific location
  • Activity, Task, Event, and Calendar management

Task Alerts and Notification

Faster reaction times provided by system create an accelerated franchise award process

  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Lead activity alerts
  • Task reminders can be delivered by pop-up and/or email
  • Instant alerts on important milestones in franchise sales process

Lead Tracking

Spend more time selling and dealing with serious prospects and less time managing technology and 'tyre-kickers'.

  • Identify serious prospects - rank and score leads to prioritise contact
  • Lead profiling, tracking and Genius™ scoring
  • Track lead activities - manage the real-time activity of your leads online behaviour
  • Automated process triggers based on prospect browsing behavior or lead transfers
  • Automated task scheduling and email delivery at key selling stages
  • Lead spreadsheet exports and imports
  • Online franchise application form capture
  • Online conversation and meeting scheduler

Dashboards and Reporting

Monitor and analyse key performance measures across your franchise system in real time.

  • Pipeline management tools
  • Generate reports - create your own custom reports to analyse lead data
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop setup to modify and create reports
  • Perfect view of franchise sales & marketing performance
  • KPI Dashboards, ROI and cost analysis through real-time reporting
  • Choose from line graph, pie chart, bar graph views, and more...

Advertising and Invoice Manager

Improve the quality/quantity of your leads by viewing costs in real time across all advertising sources.

  • Cost per lead, cost per application, cost per franchise or any other critical benchmark in your development process
  • Store all contract information including invoice amount and period per advertiser and update the information through easy-to-use interface

Mobile Access

The FRSystem allows full mobile access which is a great advantage for 'on-the-move' franchise recruiters, allowing them to stay connected to vital customer data from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Access to contact information, notes, activity alerts, candidate lists, and candidate search
  • Manage data - all information is kept in one place in 'The Cloud' - accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Works on any mobile device that supports an Internet browser

Franchise Process

Improve franchise sales by building more trusting relationships with potential franchisees.

  • Increase conversion rates, shorten the sales cycle, improve sales team efficiency, and lower franchise recruitment costs
  • Provide potential franchise leads with compelling campaign presentations, step-by-step information on the franchise sales process, access to important documents, and the ability to make notes and ask questions directly to your franchise development team
  • Track all prospect activity such as frequency and length of interaction within any area of the system