We are an experienced franchise and IT consultancy specialising in offering franchise recruitment systems, processes and solutions to UK franchisors. We have been helping franchise companies increase market share with our proven franchise recruitment process for over 10 years and have created the UK's most dedicated and comprehensive franchise recruitment tool available.

We are a mix of experienced franchise development and recruitment consultants, IT and system specialists, marketing and PR experts and gifted graphic designers.

We seek to help empower franchisors to own their own online systems and develop recruitment strategies and processes that firstly require a solid foundation...and that solid foundation is the FRSystem!

The FRSystem works for small franchise businesses with a single sales person to large franchise organisations with hundreds of sales personnel and master franchisees. You can get started with the FRSystem in under 30 days!

Clients that have implemented the FRSystem franchise recruitment and selection process are some of the most respected companies in franchising today, including Countrywide Signs, Granite Transformations, Maid2Clean and The Financial Management Centre (Formerly known as The Local Bookkeeper).

No servers. No software. No need for any more upgrades. Just an amazing ROI and guaranteed results.

The FRSystem

  • Built using Salesforce.com - industry leading CRM platform used by 92,000 companies worldwide
  • The leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Cloud Computing
  • Over 92,000 customers worldwide
  • Entire solution is cloud-based. No more servers or software. No more upgrade headaches
  • Mobile access anytime from anywhere on any internet device
  • Highest level of data security with 99.9% reliability with 24/7 real time access in 'The Cloud'
  • Global data centres with many locations around the world including the UK

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Why Use Us?

Salesforce is a world leading CRM system but it is setup in a very general way and mainly aimed at large companies with many staff, and with a normal products and sales process.

For franchisors, using Salesforce 'out-the-box' is not an option and would make no sense, which is why Salesforce allow developers to create bespoke and complex systems using their foundations.

The FRSystem has been developed within the walls of Salesforce, but is totally unique and specifically setup for franchisors to run and manage their entire franchise recruitment process.