Face the Facts!

Why only 10% of active franchise brands in the UK recruit around 75% of available potential franchisees every year. Here are some facts:

  • Cost per franchise enquiry has increased
  • Ratio of leads converting to franchisees has decreased
  • Ratio of serious prospects converting to franchisees has decreased
  • Potential franchise candidates have changed their decision making criteria
  • Sales cycle length is increasing

The main reason why many franchise brands are struggling to sign franchisees, or have even put a hold on their recruitment plans is because franchise recruitment processes have not kept pace with changes in the market over the last couple of years!

In the UK there are many studies released from those within the franchise fraternity to boast a positive image of franchising, but the truth is that franchise recruitment rates with many franchise brands are negative or single digit.

All good franchise recruitment processes start and end with a good system. Without this, a process cannot be controlled, managed or effectively analysed.

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Why spend money generating leads if you don't have the right tools to manage them? We have the right solution for your specific requirements and budget:

  • Beginner - For potential, new and developing franchise brands with modest budgets...
  • Intermediate - For growing franchise brands with a larger budget...
  • Advanced - For growing or established franchise brands that want the ultimate set-up with no compromise!!

Did you know?

90% of franchise brands in the UK don't have an effective recruitment system!!

A good system may save you 10 minutes per lead overall, a better system 20 mins and great systems will easily save a franchisor 30 minutes for each and every franchise enquiry they receive over the life cycle of that lead.

To put it in perspective, if you generate 100 leads per month, a great system could save you 50 hours a month!! This time saving quickly translates into a large cost saving which will allow the franchise brand to free up budget for supporting their (now) growing network! Read more...